On Quality, HarperCollins, 2022 - photos

It was an honor and pleasure working with Wendy Pirsig and HarperCollins photographing Robert Pirsig's tools for On Quality published April 2022, by Wendy Pirsig and Robert Pirsig. I took hundreds of photos and around 30 are printed in the book, and one was selected the book's cover.

Small paintings

While resettling in the US for the last few years, I had a lot less time to spend in my studio. I recently finished a group of small paintings--as I get ready for larger artworks. If you would like to view a gallery, please click (here).

Residence, Aventura, Miami 2022

Photo and video: hester

Dear friends in Miami commissioned me to make this in the new Kitchen/Dining Room addition to their home. It was a pleasure working with them.

Public Commission, undisclosed location, NL 2020

Public art commission completed in 2020 for an EU organization in the Netherlands. Organized through the Rijksgebouwendienst (Dutch Royal Building Services). I made six artworks creating a connection through the building. One sculpture for the Atrium, one for the Stairwell, and four paintings for the basement conference rooms. Oversight and installation by Harold Schouten, Wiseguys Urban Art Projects. To see more information, please click below.

Installation Views - 16 photos           Studio views - 43 photos       

MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea Exhibition Milan - Verona Italy 2019

Thanks to Marco Rossi for providing me with a studio in Milan in 2019.  It was a pleasure working in Milan.  The studio had many skylights which made it a beautiful place to work in. When I needed a break I enjoyed walking around the neighborhood, often stopping for an espresso and brioche. There is something liberating in being a foreigner and not knowing anybody--and having no other responsibilities than to make artworks.  The artworks made during this period were exhibited in the Verona gallery 

Verona exhibition - 17 photos

Studio views - 71 photos

Marian Cramer Projects Exhibition Amsterdam 2018


Marian Cramer Projects is a gallery focused on showing work by Dutch and international artists. Located in Amsterdam Oud Zuid, a part of her home has been turned into a gallery space. Marian Cramer also participates in off-site projects and Art fairs.  I'm honored to be having my second exhibition here. 

Exhibition views - 12 photos 

Camp Gallery Milan - Design Miami 2017


Besides making artworks I also make functional-artworks.  Thanks to CAMP design gallery for providing the opportunity and representing my functional-artwork at Design Miami. Thanks to Hans Hubach for helping produce the works.

Exhibition views - 17 photos

MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea Exhibition Milan Italy 2016


MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea provided me with a studio in Milan for about six months, spring to fall 2016, during which time I made these artworks for various exhibitions with the gallery (later in 2019 I would use the studio again).  It was a wonderful place to work and I enjoyed walking around Milan to think.  Below are links to photos from this period.

Exhibition view - 27 photos.       Studio views - 80 photos

Catalog 2016

Thanks to MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea (link) for designing and publishing this catalog, and thanks to Andrea Lerda of Platformgreen.org (link) for curating the exhibit and writing the intro.

MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea Exhibition Pietrasanta Italy 2016

It was a pleasure to make the artwork and the exhibit for Pietrasanta, Italy
To view a series of photos, click here.

MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea Exhibition Verona Italy 2016

Opening in Verona, at Marcorossi artecontemporanea, with Francesco Sandroni.
To view a series of photos, click here.

Bologna Art Fair Italy 2016 MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea

Arte Fiera Bologna, Italy, January 2016, I had work on display with Marcorossi artecontemporanea, and Mimmo Scognamiglio artecontemporanea.  During 2015-2016 I had the privilege to live and work in Milan Italy for 9 months, through a studio provided by Marcorossi artecontemporanea.

To view a series of photos, click here.

Ettore Buganza Studio Milan Italy 2015

This is a piece I made on location, for Ettore Buganza, who has been a great help to me with everything in Milan, Italy.  Spring, 2015

To view a series of photos click here.

Lake Como Italy Residence 2015

This is an artwork I made on location, for two wonderful art collectors in Italy. It was a pleasure to make the artwork with them, and I'm happy it's part of their collection. 

(this photo was taken just before clean-up, so there is still some working materials around, i.e, cups, brushes, plastic) 
Spring, 2015

To view a series of photos click here.

Bocconi Art Gallery Milan Italy 2013 Edition

Bisphenol A, 2012
Pigment, glass cloth, carbon fiber, epoxy resin
800 x 500cm
Bocconi Art Gallery exhibition, 2013-14.

To view a series of photos click here.

Studio La Citta Group Show - 2013

Here's the invitation for a recent group show at Studio La Citta.  To view the exhibition click here

Leiden University Medical Center the Netherlands

This artwork, titled "45 T Chinese Purple," is at Leiden University Medical Center in The Netherlands.  It's 8 meters tall, 5 meters wide, and is made of glass and carbon fiber, epoxy, and pigment.

Entrance Hall - Anonymous European Union Government Organization

I designed and constructed this 62-foot-tall commission for the Entrance Hall of a newly-built EU organization's headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands. Thanks to the Rijksgebouwendienst, NL. To view a series of photos click here.

Preparations for a Rijksgebouwendienst Commission - The Hague, NL

Initial stages of constructing the above artwork, which is now a permanent fixture in the lobby of the new Europol building.

Nel Frattempo/Art Verona 2011

Nel Frattempo, which for one week coincides with Art Verona, is a group show - in the center is one of my "curtains."  Conceived and curated by legendary, Lucio Pozzi. To view four more photos click here.

Nieuw Dakota, Solo Exhibiton 2011

This is the invitation for my solo show at Nieuw Dakota.  To view four photos of the show click here.

LUMC Gallery, Solo Exhibition 2012

It was a pleasure and an honor to make this exhibition at the LUMC Gallery, which is next to their huge exhibition room - where I made and concurrently showed my large artwork Chinese Purple.  

To view a series of photos, click here

Marian Cramer Projects, Solo Exhibition 2011

This is the invitation for my solo show with Marian Cramer Projects.  The photo was taken from the inside of a large artwork.

To view more photos click here.
To view the press release click here.

outLINE Solo Show

Solo show at outLINE.  To view more photos click here.

Galerie Nouvelles Images - July 2-Aug 20, 2011

This is the the invitation for a recent group show at Galerie Nouvelles Images titled "de foute beldeen" or, "the wrong images." Curated by Joost van den Toorn.

NDSM-werf Exhibit - Amsterdam - 2011

This exhibit is now being displayed at NDSM-werf, a former shipyard that is now a center for underground culture in Amsterdam.  To visit the NDSM-werf website click here.

Book Launch and Signing - New York

I'm honored to be one of the artists profiled in Sacha de Boer's book Retour New York-Amsterdam, which portrays 16 artists from these two cities. 

outLINE Solo Invitation - Amsterdam, NL

outLINE solo exhibition invitation.  To view the press release click here (pdf).  To visit the gallery website click here.

Arte Fiera 2010 - Biblioteca Salaborsa

During Arte Fiera 2010 this artwork was dispayed at Biblioteca Salaborsa, a library in Bologna.  In addition, Studio La Citta also displayed more of my artwork at the fair.

Art Amsterdam - May 11-15, 2011

This is one of the eight artworks Marian Cramer displayed at Art Amsterdam 2011.  To view the other  seven artworks that were shown at this fair click here.

Galleria Alquindici Solo - Piacenza, Italy

I installed this artwork at Galleria Alquindici as a prelude to my 2010 solo show.  To view more photos click here.

Nel Frattempo - Sep 23 - Oct 16, 2011

Here's the invitation for Nel Frattempo (Meanwhile), a group show coinciding with Art Vernona, where my work is being represented by Studio La Citta, IT.  For more information click here.

Works Catalog - sculptures

This is the cover of a catalog of sculptures which can be viewed by clicking here (pdf).

Studio La Citta 2009 Solo Catalog

This is the catalog cover for the Studio La Citta 2009 solo show in Verona, Italy.  To view the full catalog click here (pdf).  To view all six of my catalogs click here.

Studio La Citta 2005 Solo Catalog

Here's the catalog cover for my 2005 solo at Studio La Citta, a top gallery in Italy.  To view the catalog click here (pdf).

Solo 8 Catalog

This is the cover of my Solo 8 catalog which was published in 2004.  To view the entire catalog click here (pdf).

Studio La Citta Opening-Show Catalog

This is the cover of the 2009 Studio La Citta opening-show catalog.  To view selected pages click here (pdf).

Parsons Group Show 11/30/10 - 12/6/10

Here's the window-front of Caridi Gallery where the names of the artists, including myself, can be seen on the lower right.

Havensafari 9/1/10 - 9/30/10

This artwork was part of  Havensafari, a boat tour of historical sites along the the waters of the shipping canal which connects Amsterdam to the North Sea.  To view a close-up of this artwork click here.

Conference Room

This artwork is displayed at the other end of the conference room shown above. I have a total of three artworks in this collection.

Artworks - A series of 10

"Road Indicators" 2010
Ink jet print, glass cloth, epoxy, pigment
20 x 30 x 20 cm

This is one artwork in a series of 10.  All are similar in design, yet each is unique.  The remaining 5 can be viewed by clicking here.

Bocconi Installation Plan

This is the proposal I created after being asked to design and install an artwork at Bocconi University in Italy. This is the entrance of a beautiful new building designed by Grafton Architects (link).  The project is currently awaiting approval.

"Remain in Light" W139, Amsterdam

"Remain in Light" is an unusual exhibition because it shows artworks of various artists, all of which belong to private collections. On the upper left is a red artwork I made, and is from the collection, Henk Gertsema. It ran from 4/25/09 to 5/24/09.  For more information click here.

Studio La Citta Solo Exhibition 2009

My solo show last year at Studio La Citta in Verona, Italy.

Functional Artwork

I designed and constructed this LED-embedded desktop for an office building in Amsterdam.  To view my "functional artwork" site click here.

Conference Room

This artwork is in a conference room of a large and successful global manufacturing company.

Tanya Rumpff Gallery Group Show

On the right are two of my artworks that appeared in a Tanya Rumpff Gallery group show.